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On Tuesday 25 September the QAAMS Leaders Team met with members of the QAAMS Management Team in Perth. The Leaders provide an on-going Indigenous viewpoint and perspective on the QAAMS Program, particularly in relation to the cultural safety of the program. The meeting was very productive and the QAAMS Management Team would like to thank all the Leaders for their attendance and enthusiastic participation on the day.


Leaders Meeting Perth


Back Row: Christopher O'Brien (National, NSW And ACT Leader), Jerome Ahkit Burgoyne (SA Leader), James Petersen (VIC Leader), Trevor Garlett (WA Leader), Pauline Rudevics, Peter Graham (RPCAQAP)

Front Row: Anne Shephard, Mark Shephard, Anne-Marie Mitchell (QLD Leader), Rrapa Dhurrkay (NT Leader), Rizzi DeLeon (RCPAQAP)