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Mission Statement


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To provide culturally appropriate and clinically effective diabetes management to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people through the use of Point-of-Care Testing for HbA1c and urine ACR that is conducted under a quality management framework.


Current Issues

2014 QAAMS Workshop
16-17 October 2014
Hilton Hotel, Darwin NT
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Participant Presentations
Videos of the Participant Presentations at the 2013 QAAMS Workshop are available on the Information Updates page in the Participants Only section.

Medicare Rebate for QAAMS Testing
The July 1 2013 issue of the Medicare Benefits Schedule booklet incorrectly states that the item numbers for QAAMS testing have been deleted. Please note that this is an error and Item Numbers: 73840 (HbA1c) and 73844 (urine ACR) are still available. The Medicare Rebate available for Item 73840 is $14.45 and the rebate for Item 73844 is $17.30.

New HbA1c Units
From July 2013 reporting units for HbA1c are changing from % to mmol/mol.

Further information
Conversion chart

HbA1c unit converter


Jasmin Sarin with her Artwork
Jasmine Sarin launching her artwork depicting the QAAMS Program
at the 2011 QAAMS Workshop. Click here to find out more.

Bridgit McAteer with Chris O'Brien
Bridgit McAteer with Chris O'Brien, NSW QAAMS Leader,
undertaking training, August 2012.

QAAMS Workshop 2012
Participants at QAAMS Workshop, Adelaide, SA;
July 2012.


Updated: 8 January, 2014